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Spirit of Truth, K-8, Classic Edition

The Communion of the Faithful, ebook (1 Year Access)
Grade 8 Student Book

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Publisher: Sophia Institute for Teachers

UPC: 9781622824458ET

Item Number: SOPH-4458ET

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Ebook, 1 Year Access. This year includes five units for middle school students to build on their understanding of: Personal growth, with an emphasis on our vocation to love and our responsibilities to God and each other; Morality, with an emphasis on conscience formation through God's gift of an objective moral standard and prayer; Church History, with an emphasis on what we can learn from history about our identity as Catholics, and how the saints have shaped the liturgy, hierarchy, and doctrine of the Church; The Citizen and Government, including the natural rights of all persons and the purpose of government; God's Plan for Marriage and the Family, with an emphasis on our identity as male and female and all that encompasses, purposes and abuses of sexuality, and resisting temptation to avoid sin and grow in virtue.

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