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May I return products I have purchased?

If you find it necessary to make a return, authorization is required. Just call us at 800/348-2227 and a representative will be able to identify which items are returnable and give you authorization for qualifying products. Your overstock items should be returned to us within 90 days. Always be careful not to mark any books you may want to return.

Items noted as Non-Returnable in the Shopping Cart are not returnable for credit.

Which authorized products qualify for credit?

Only products that arrive at our warehouse in new, perfect, unmarked and saleable condition will be given credit. Credit will not be issued for items that arrive damaged because of poor packing.

How should I package my Items?

Pack the items tightly in a sturdy carton. Most damage occurs when items move around in the box. Use packing paper, clean cardboard or soft air pillows to cushion the items. Do not use newsprint or styrofoam peanuts. If the air pillows from the original shipment are used, additional packing material is required -- used pillows lose air in transit! Do not stand books on end -- lay them flat in the box.

How, and where, do I ship my returns?

All items should be sent via UPS or FedEx so the cartons can be tracked. If you send returns via the US Postal Service, the cartons must be insured. Please save all return shipping receipts in case a claim needs to be filed. Ship to:
Communication Center Warehouse
4315 Ralph Jones Ct.
South Bend, IN 46628