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Place your order now and pay later

During checkout, you may request to be billed for your order if you are ordering for a church, school, government entity, or other institution. If you are approved, your order will be processed. If you are not approved, we will contact you within one business day and ask you to use a credit card to complete your order.

Shopping Cart information is kept active for at least two weeks.

What are your payment terms for billed orders?

Our normal terms are net 30 days after the order ships, though in the spring and summer you can request that the invoice due date be extended to September 30th. Add a special order note during checkout to request extended terms.

Safely charge your Visa, MasterCard or Discover card

We use reputable encryption software to make your e-commerce transactions secure. See our Security statement for more information about how we protect your personal information.

This page was last reviewed Aug 4th 2023.