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A Reason for Handwriting, K-6: A Reason for Handwriting: Level K, Kindergarten
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A Reason for Handwriting, K-6

A Reason for Handwriting: Level K

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Publisher: Concerned Communications

ISBN: 978-0-936785-37-0

Item Number: COCO-785370

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Recommended for Kindergarten, but can also be used for beginning penmanship practice at the preschool level.

A Reason For Handwriting Level K begins with exercises to practice the mechanics of handwriting (such as making circles and straight or slanted lines). After eight such lessons, the student work text then proceeds to lowercase letter formation and practice, followed by upper case. There are 52 two-page lessons focusing on each letter of the alphabet in upper and lower case, with nine two-page review lessons appearing periodically through the course of the work. The book concludes with four two-page review lessons. Paperback Worktext, 144 pages.

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