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Elegido: Tu Camino a la Confirmación — Ascension

Chosen: Your Journey toward Confirmation

Grades 7-12, Parish & School Edition

Spanish Edition, Revised. Confirmation preparation offers a huge opportunity for the faith to come alive for candidates. Chosen: Your Journey to Confirmation has been making an impact at parishes around the country for years, and with this newly refreshed and updated edition, it is better than ever!

Chosen will equip parish leaders and catechists with all the tools and resources they need to help form young people into disciples of Christ and to impact families, parishes, and the Church... one young heart at a time. There are 24 sessions in the program. The lessons are designed for 90-minute sessions, but can be taught in 60 minutes. There are 3 short video segments for each lesson with breaks for workbook assignments, activities, and discussions between the videos.

Newly Refreshed and Updated! What's new?

1. Refreshed Videos. The same content featuring faster cuts and all-new on-screen graphics. New animation and motion graphics, new music, and five fully revised segments featuring Fr. Josh Johnson and Mari Pablo.

2. Enhanced Lesson Format. Revised discussion questions and easier integration of optional activities into the lessons. A new quick reference discussion prep guide for each lesson. New kick-off activities in the student workbook introduce the lesson in a fun way. 

3. Revised Materials for Parents and Sponsors. Completely revised parent and sponsor guides. Shorter, easier to read formats. Fun layouts featuring parent-friendly lists and Q&A sections. Lower pricing to make it affordable. 

Can components from the older edition be used with the refreshed and updated Chosen? 

Yes. As you transition to the revised program materials you may need to use some of the old materials alongside the new. There are a few places where the content may not align perfectly, but you will be able to make it work. Ascension is highly encouraging customers to purchase the revised edition because they are sure it will provide the best possible experience. 

Print material has been approved by the Bishops' Committee. Printed student and teacher/catechist materials have been found to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Content presented primarily in video format is not eligible for USCCB review. (©2013, 2016, 2022)


Online Course Access

Online course access is available with purchase upon request. Simply mention it when you place your phone order or make a note in the Special Instructions at checkout on the website. You will receive an email proof of purchase with instructions about submitting it to Ascension. They will contact you with details about how to access the online materials. Online video access is available for 1 year from product purchase date. 

8 program components.

Sponsor Guide

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Parent Guide

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Student Workbook: WITHOUT online course access

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Leader Guide: WITHOUT online course access

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