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Content from Celebrate and Remember: Reconciliation structured in a creative, user-friendly format. Each of the 8 First Reconciliation lessons is packaged in a zip close bag that contains everything a catechist needs for that day's lesson. Each Lesson-in-a-Bag has a set of scripted catechist pages that are easy to follow and allow the catechist to be ready to teach with a quick 10-minute review. No catechist guide needed. No more trying to figure out which parts of the lesson to cover. Each Lesson-in-a-Bag also includes 20 copies of every handout and activity sheet the children will need, some in full color. No more copies to make. No more student books to keep track of. Everything needed to teach 20 children is in each bag. Each lesson follows a six step process that includes prayer, learning, and activities. Complete package includes everything needed to teach 20 children 8 First Reconciliation lessons. Nothing further to buy. Celebrate and Remember: Reconciliation is approved by the Bishops' Committee. (©2012)

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