LOYO-42663: Finding God, Kindergarten: Kindergarten, Student Book LOYO-42687: Finding God, Kindergarten: Kindergarten, Catechist Guide LOYO-45053: Finding God, Kindergarten: Kindergarten, Music and Scripture Stories CD

Finding God, Kindergarten — Loyola Press

Parish Edition

For children ages 4 - 6. Jesus told his disciples not to hinder future disciples, the little children, from coming to him. It was with little children in mind that Finding God Kindergarten was created. The program honors the spirituality of little children and their ability to learn complex concepts when presented in ways that are friendly and proven to work with 4-to-6-year-olds. With active learning opportunities on every page, children are always engaged and fully immersed in the rich content of their faith. (©2017)

7 program components.

Kindergarten Student Book


Kindergarten Catechist Guide


Kindergarten Music and Scripture Stories CD


Jesus, the Teacher plush figure, Kindergarten


Kindergarten Poster


Kindergarten Exploring Faith Through Art

Kindergarten Exploring Faith Through Art


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Kindergarten Blackline Masters