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Epic — Ascension

The Epic Series takes participants through the major people, places and events that make up the history of the Catholic Church. Catholics are inheritors of the deeds of holy men and women who for 2000 years have built a great civilization and spread the Gospel. Participants will learn a unique color-coded system to help them remember the 12 time periods of church history. Starter Packs include everything the facilitator needs to get an Epic study started including the DVD Set, and the Study Set. Each participant will need his or her own Study Set which includes the workbook, a timeline chart and a bookmark. Online video access is available for 1 year from product purchase date. (©2009)

A Journey through Church History. A 20-part foundational overview study of church history taught from a Catholic perspective. Beginning with the lives of the apostles all the way up to the present day, Epic takes the history of the Church and simplifies it into twelve time periods. Covers the story of the crusades, the Protestant Reformation, the story of the confrontation between Galileo and the church, the massive persecutions of Christians in the 20th Century, and more.

The Early Church. A 10-part study of the first 500 years of church history--a powerful, fast-paced journey from the lives of the apostles through the rise and fall of Constantine. It was a time filled with courageous saints, brilliant philosophers, eloquent theologians, ruthless emperors, and heroic martyrs.

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