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The Credo Series: God's Word Revealed In Sacred Scripture ebook (1 Year Access), Student Text

The Credo Series

God's Word Revealed In Sacred Scripture ebook (1 Year Access)
Student Text



Publisher: Veritas Religion

UPC: 9781847305022ET

Item Number: VERI-305022ET

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The Credo Series


Developed for Curriculum Framework Course 1: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture.


Ebook. Invites students to encounter Jesus Christ, the living Word of God through the Bible. Chapters include sections titled Attend and Reflect; Hear the Story; Embrace the Vision; Think It Through; Judge and Act; and Prayer Reflection. The Credo Series focuses on the formation of the students as people of faith, with an equal emphasis on learning and living. Each chapter facilitates personal reflection and offers prayer and meditative exercises. Each volume in the series also has a strong social justice theme running throughout. Ebook, 272 pages. Second Edition is approved by the Bishops' Committee and in conformity with the Curriculum Framework. (©2013)

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