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Stories of God's Love, 2nd Edition 2024

Story Leaflets
Ages 3-4 Student Book

Parish & School Edition


Publisher: RCL Benziger

ISBN: 978-1-79248-910-5

Item Number: RCLB-458910



Each shrink-wrapped student pack comes with 30 children's story leaflets (including seasonal leaflets), cardstock character cards, and a student diploma. Story leaflets proclalim stories based on the Scriptures one week. The following week a corresponding story related to the child's everyday life reinforced the scriptural theme. Seasonal leaflets introduce and explore liturgical seasons, saints, holy days and holidays. The center spread of the leaflet contains an engaging activity to help the children apply and integrate the weekly chapter theme into their own lives. Family efforts to participate actively in the faith development of the chilren are supported by the For My Family Pages in each lesson.

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