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Finding God 2013, K–6

Grade 8 Exploring Faith Through Art

Parish & School Edition


Publisher: Loyola Press

ISBN: 978-0-8294-3954-0

Item Number: LOYO-39540



An 18" x 24" art print easel for grade 8 with twenty-five prints. Ideas for using the prints for experiential activities, prayer and other helps for the teacher are included on the back of the easel. Reproducible worksheets for the art lessons are also included in the Finding God Teacher Manual and Catechist Guide. Designed to be used with the Finding God series but can be used with any curriculum. However, art lessons make reference to pages in the Finding God student books.
Art Print 1: Keys of St. Peter, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1820
Art Print 2: Friends, Carl Bootman, 2001
Art Print 3: Martyr's Last Prayer, Jean-Leon Gerome, 1863-1883
Art Print 4: Confirmation, Nicolas Poussin, 1638
Art Print 5: St. Joseph and Jesus, John Collier, 2000
Art Print 6: Trinity in Dark Tones, Alek Rapoport, 1994
Art Print 7: A Monstrance, Anonymous
Art Print 8: Peasants in the Fields, Camile Pissarro, 1890
Art Print 9: Ascension of Christ, Anonymous, 10th-11th Century
Art Print 10: Nativity Scene, Anonymous, 2005
Art Print 11: St. Francis at La Verna, Federico Barocci, 1595
Art Print 12: St. Patrick's Cathedral, Myung-bo Sim, 1960
Art Print 13: The Last Supper, Peter Paul Rubens, 1630-1632
Art Print 14: Black Death, Josse Lieferinxe, 1497-1499
Art Print 15: Battle Scene, Jean Colombe, circa 1474
Art Print 16: God's Gift, Anonymous, 20th Century
Art Print 17: The Good Samaritan, Francesco Fontebasso, 18th Century
Art Print 18: St. Ignatius, Gary Kelly, 2012
Art Print 19: Soup Kitchen in Paris, Anonymous, 1897
Art Print 20: Betrayal of Jesus , Anonymous, 1875
Art Print 21: Second Vatican Council, Anonymous, 1963
Art Print 22: Interior of a Mill, Thomas Allom, 19th Century
Art Print 23: Ceremony of Ordination, Edgar Degas, 1855
Art Print 24: The Little Dancer, Edgar Degas, 1880-1881
Art Print 25: Pentecost, Anonymous

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