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Be My Disciples Parish At Home Family Guide.
Be My Disciples School At Home Family Guide.
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*Purchase the print book and receive free access to the ebook and all digital resources on Flourish, RCL Benziger's online platform. When placing your order, tell the Comcenter customer service representative that you want access to Flourish and we will arrange it for you. 

Digital Resources

Free with print book purchase. Available through Flourish digital platform.

  • eBooks for children, catechists, and teachers
  • eAssessments (Cohesive Assessment System)
  • Feast and Seasons lessons
  • Assessment eBooklet (grades 1-8)
  • Activities (grades 1-8)
  • At Home Guide

Print Resources

  • With My Family: Two-page summary of each chapter in the student book with discussion ideas, activities, and prayer.
  • At Home Family Guide: lesson plans for teaching all the children in the family across multiple grades together at home.
  • Summer Program Guide: instructions on teaching the program to all grade levels in a six-week summer session.
  • Student books
  • Catechist and teacher guides
  • Additional Activities
  • Assessment Tools
  • Program Director’s Resource

Additional Resources

Games, prayers and activities are available at

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Be My Disciples, 1-6, Parish Edition
Be My Disciples, 1-6, School Edition
Be My Disciples, Jr. High, Parish Edition
Sean mis Discipulos, 1-6