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Adventure Catechism, Pre-K-8 — Adventure Catechism Media

A Journey through the Catholic Faith

Parish & School Edition

Beautifully designed and illustrated, this curriculum will provide children with the knowledge they need to learn key concepts of the Catholic faith and spark their faith journey. The curriculum series introduces students to important concepts of the Catholic faith in a spiraled approach, building children’s knowledge of the faith from year to year throughout the series. Textbooks are written with young learners in mind, helping them approach the fundamentals of their faith with engaging artwork, saint stories, and foundational learning. Discussion questions and content quizzes are also included in the textbook, and many textbook lessons also have video companions. Supplemental resources include Brother Francis DVDs and videos and activity books.(©2021)

Adventure Catechism (©2021) has been found to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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