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The Bible Timeline 2019 — Ascension

Offers more than commentary and a reflection on Scripture. Using a combination of home study, small group discussion, commentary and lectures from seasoned Scripture scholars and teachers on DVD, these Bible studies help people dig into God’s Word and make it their own. By working through the lesson at home, readers are given the background for an informed reading of the Bible. They are drawn into the text and discover the literal sense of the reading for themselves, and then consider it in light of the teachings of the Catholic church and in the greater Biblical context. Following this, small group discussion brings in different perspectives and reinforces what people have learned. This prepares participants for the lecture on DVD which wraps up the lesson and takes people a step further into the spiritual sense of Scripture and how it applies to their lives.


2019 Edition features updated content, new maps and an improved look. Workbooks have been redesigned with an ultra-readable font, full-color interiors and photographs of all locations, eye-catching layouts that make the information easier to understand. with sacred artwork throughout. Videos in the 2019 edition have been remastered with enhanced sound and picture quality. (©2019)


Note: All 2019 workbooks are completely compatible with the old DVDs.

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Study Set

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Bible Timeline Chart 2019

Bible Timeline Chart 2019: A Visual Overview of Salvation History


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