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Life: My Story — Liguori Publications

A Post-Confirmation Course for Teenagers

Why do many young people see the Church as irrelevant to their everyday lives? Why do many drift away after Confirmation?


World Youth Day, pilgrimages, school retreats and diocesan events may offer teens real faith experiences, but when they return from these "mountain top" moments, there is often little support and encouragement to help them continue to grow in faith. This activity program continues to develop the faith of young people after Confirmation by linking their experience and faith through action. Life uses a pastoral approach to formation inviting teens to see (be aware of their surroundings), to judge (through discernment or reflection), and then to act. The See, Judge, Act model is a well-tried approach that enables young people to discover how to live the Gospel events and circumstances in their daily lives. (©2017)

2 program components.

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