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Creemos y celebramos: Primera Comunión — Sadlier Religion

We Believe and Celebrate: First Communion

Bilingual Edition. Each of the six lessons in the Student Book follows an interactive format. Students transform their books into personalized keepsakes with photos and drawings. We Gather and We Share God’s Word sections give children the opportunity to express their faith through prayer and other activities, and foster an understanding of Scripture. The We Believe and Celebrate section focuses on the symbols, rituals and prayers for the sacrament. The We Respond section involves children and their families in sharing faith. The Guide give catechists step-by-step lesson plans and teaching instructions. Home Lesson Plans help parents prepare or assist in the preparation of their children. (©2007)

Creemos y celebramos: Primera Comunion is approved by the Bishops' Committee.

4 program components.

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