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The Credo Series

The History Of The Catholic Church, ebook (1 Year Access)
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The Credo Series


Developed for Curriculum Framework Elective Option B: History of the Catholic Church.


Ebook (1 Year Access). In Core Course 4 students were introduced to the Church as the Body of Christ in history: its nature and meaning; images and marks of the Church; life and ministry of the Church; the Church as a guide to moral life; and the role of prayer. This elective supplements that catechesis on the Church. It presents Church history from apostolic times to the present day. Students will be introduced to the fact that the Church was founded by Jesus Christ through the Apostles and is sustained by him throughout history through the Holy Spirit. They will come to understand that the Church is the living Body of Christ today and as such has both human and divine elements. They will be introduced to the Church's two-thousand-year history and to how the Church is governed today by the successors of the Apostles. Imprimatur Edition. Framework Conformity pending.


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