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The Credo Series

Living as a Disciple of Jesus in Society
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Publisher: Veritas Religion

ISBN: 978-1-84730-823-8

Item Number: VERI-201860

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The Credo Series


Developed for Curriculum Framework Elective Option C: Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Society.


Fourteen chapters on God’s Master Plan for Humanity; The Family of God; The Church’s Legacy of Justice; Justice for All; Foundations of Social Justice; Justice for All Begins at Home; Living in the Divine Image; Showing Respect for All God’s Creation; Sin and Its Social Dimensions; Loving Our Neighbor; Respecting God’s Gifts; Seeking the Best for One Another; Living the Blessed Life; and Living as Children of God. With a faith glossary, and a section of Catholic prayers, devotions and practices. Each chapter includes Faith Focus and Disciple Formation sections, with Scripture references, definitions, Scripture to be learned by heart and saint stories to learn by example. Attend and Reflect, Hear the Story, Embrace the Vision, Think It Through, Judge and Act, Prayer Reflection. Paperback, 8 x 10, 348 pages. Approved by the Bishops' Committee. (©2015, 2018)

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