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Jesus of History, Christ of Faith 3E ebook (1 Year Access)
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Author: Thomas Zanzig

Publisher: Saint Mary’s Press

UPC: 9781599829937ET

Item Number: STMR-829937ET

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Ebook (1 Year Access). Invites students in grades 9-10 to understand Jesus through a study of the New Testament. It first considers the NT as a whole, particularly the Gospels, then explores the Jewish world into which Jesus was born. Thirteen chapters cover Jesus' birth early life, ministry, preaching, parables and miracles, death, resurrection, ascension--and how the events of Pentecost impacted the church's understanding of Jesus. Two chapters focus on Paul's understanding of Jesus. Closes with an overview of the development of Christology from the NT to the present. This third edition includes more detailed treatment of the inspiration of Scripture, the humanity and divinity of Jesus, the miracles, Jesus' own claims, the Eucharist, Jesus' death, and the meaning of sacrifice for salvation. Also includes updated graphics, activities and sidebars. Ebook (1 Year Access), 8.5 x 10.5, 336 pages. (©1999)


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