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NABRE, The Catholic Youth Bible, 4th Edition, softcover
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NABRE, The Catholic Youth Bible
New American Bible Revised Edition

The Catholic Youth Bible, 4th Edition


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Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

ISBN: 978-1-59982-925-8

Item Number: STMR-829258

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Live It!, High School
NABRE, The Catholic Youth Bible


NABRE. Softcover. The Catholic Youth Bible, 4th Edition is completely refreshed for a new generation with a full-color design and ample room for reflection.

What's new:

Challenge features charge youth to bring the Scriptures to life through specific, suggested actions.

Scripture Highlights provide an opportunity to reflect on encouraging verses that are designed so youth can color them.

Searching for God feature offers reflections and prayers that focus specifically on aspects of our relationship with God.

Who Is My Neighbor? features focus on our relationship and responsibility to others as a Christian community.

Themed Reading Plans and When I'm Feeling verses help youth explore the Bible.

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Still features all the elements of previous editions: Catholic Connection articles that provide a more complete presentation of scripturally-based Catholic beliefs and address the principles of Catholic social teaching; introductions to the major sections of the Bible and all the books of the Bible; Did You Know? insights into how the church has interpreted key Scripture passages throughout history; Being Catholic guides to core beliefs, practices, spirituality and prayer; and special indexes, maps, timeline, glossary and more. Softcover, 6.5 x 9 x 1.5. Order Bibles in any quantity—1 copy or hundreds. No minimum purchase required. (©2018) (12 per case)

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