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Living in Christ Series

The Paschal Mystery: Christ's Mission of Salvation, 2nd Ed., ebook (1 Year Access)
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Living in Christ Series


Developed for Curriculum Framework Course 3: The Mission of Jesus Christ (the Paschal Mystery).

Ebook. The goodness of creation, Original Sin, and the promise of a messiah are the starting points for this course which explored our salvation through the Paschal Mystery. Student encounter the mystery and glory of the suffering, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. The course also explores how the Paschal Mystery informs our daily lives, our prayer and our participation in the life of the church. The student books provide all the catechetical content needed for the course and explain Catholic theology in a clear, accessible, and engaging manner. The learning experiences and the students' understanding are enhanced through the inclusion of a variety of supplemental sidebars. The "Pray It!" sidebars help the students to explore and deepen their prayer lives, the "Live It!" sidebars help the students to connect the teaching to their daily lives, and the "Catholic Wisdom" sidebars provide insight into our Catholic faith, often presented in the words of important Catholic figures from the past and the present. Additional sidebars expand on the content, addressing the Scriptures, doctrine, the liturgy, and more. The student books in the second edition have shifted fro a section-part-article structure to a unit-chapter-article structure where sections become units and a part is now a chapter. Ebook, 272 pages. (©2017)


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