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Connect! Bringing Faith to Life: Year 2, Part 1, Teacher Guide
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Connect! Bringing Faith to Life

Year 2, Part 1
Teacher Guide


Publisher: Saint Mary’s Press

ISBN: 978-1-64121-156-7

Item Number: STMR-211567

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Restricted: only sold to schools and parishes.



Each Guide contains full lessons laid out in an easy-to-understand, empowering way to lead tweens into a deeper faith, making deeper and deeper connections as they progress each year.

Each chapter features:

Introductory Chapter Opener: This page includes a chapter summary, helpful background for the teacher about the chapter focus, a teacher’s prayer, and a teaching tip for bringing the lesson to life for the young people. This will provide the inspiration and information you need to begin a new week of instruction.

Chapter-at-a-Glance Page: Each chapter presents a one-page overview of the key elements of the chapter. Here you will find the core understandings that will be covered, Catechism paragraphs that provide additional teacher background, key Scripture passages utilized in the chapter, key words introduced, the name of the optional chapter project, and prayer suggestions that can be used throughout the lesson.


Lessons Plans, included! Day-by-day lessons offer a plan for a 4 or 5 day learning experience. It’s laid out so clearly!

·         Opening Prayer

·         Core Learning Activity

·         Engage Activity

·         Comprehension Checkpoint

·         Core Content

·         Closing Prayer


A Range of Optional Activities: sometimes your group of tweens might need something different! We always offer a buffet of alternative ideas!

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