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Spirit of Truth High School

The Revelation of Christ In Scripture, ebook (1 Year Access)
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Publisher: Sophia Institute for Teachers

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Spirit of Truth High School


Spirit of Truth: The Revelation of Christ in Scripture Student Textbook - Course 1 Ebook (1 Year Access)

Developed for Curriculum Framework Course 1: The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture.


Students receive a general knowledge of Scripture and come to encounter the living Word of God, Jesus Christ. Through a study of salvation history, they understand what it means that Jesus is the ultimate revelation to us from God. They will pay particular attention to the Gospels where they grow to know and love Jesus more personally. In learning about who He is, they will also learn that He is calling them to holiness. Student text includes all reading and related primary sources. Ebook. Approved by the Bishops' Committee and in conformity with the Curriculum Framework. (©2019)


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