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The Beatitudes: Living The Life Of Christ Ebook (1 Year Access)

Living the Life of Christ



Author: Sophia Institute For Teachers

Publisher: Sophia Institute for Teachers

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Sophia Institute Teacher Guides


The Beatitudes: Living The Life Of Christ Ebook (1 Year Access)

For all grades. Full-color book with 13 ready-to-use lesson plans on the Beatitudes. By using these lessons, teachers will help their students come to see that Jesus Christ is the only way to personal freedom, happiness and holiness. Each self-contained lesson plan in this guide is teacher-written, classroom-tested and scholar-reviewed, and gives teachers and catechists everything they need to help guide their students to understand the true meaning of Jesus' most important teachings. Includes lessons at three grade levels: elementary, middle school, and high school. Each lesson includes essential questions, connections to the Catechism, background reading, Biblical touchstones, comprehension and critical thinking questions, warm-up/bell work, main activity, homework and extension options. Also includes reproducible handouts and activity sheets. Paperback, 8.5 x 11, 258 pages. (©2015)


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