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Be My Disciples, 2nd Edition, 1-6

Grade 5 Catechist Guide

Parish Edition


Publisher: RCL Benziger

ISBN: 978-1-79242-329-1

Item Number: RCLB-452329

Restricted: only sold to schools and parishes.



Catholic Social Teaching lessons have been added for each unit. Each lesson encompasses a story that highlights one of the themes of Catholic Social Teaching, as well as three suggested activities that invite children and their families to live out that theme in their homes and communities. Additional resources and catechetical tips have been added to the Catechist Guide. Each chapter uses a new feature called Nurturing the Faith

For each chapter, the practical tips in Nurturing the Faith include the following topics:

  • Accompanying Families
  • Embracing the Spiritual Development of Children
  • Catechizing the Catechist
  • Welcoming Children with Special Needs
  • Engaging Young Disciples in Multi-Age Settings
  • Connecting through a NEW rotating feature in every chapter

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