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The Gift (Charism) of Tongues

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Author: Gerry Mader

Publisher: Chariscenter USA


Item Number: NSCC-GOT

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The Gift (Charism) of Tongues, National Service Committee Leaflet by Gerry Mader.

When I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and was prayed with for the gift of tongues, a language I did not know, this new language poured out of me amidst tears of joy as I experienced relating to the Father's love in a new way. I knew that a good and loving God would not have given me a charism that would be for evil but only for good - my good and the good of those who prayed with and for me. The experience of praising and speaking to God through the Hold Spirit began a new and wonderful direction in my prayer life through this gift.

There are two different perspectives regarding this gift. One perspective states that this gift is a prayer gift available to everyone and that with the action of the Holy Spirit and the assent of the believer the gift will be manifested.

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