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New Catholic Bible

New Catholic Bible, St. Joseph Edition

Red Imitation Leather. Giant Print 14pt


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ISBN: 978-1-947070-44-8

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New Catholic Bible. Red Imitation Leather. Giant Print Edition. From Catholic Book Publishing: Following the highly acclaimed publication of the New Catholic Version of The Psalms in 2002 and The New Testament in 2015, this translation of the New Catholic Bible has been accomplished by the same board of highly qualified Scripture scholars under the direction of Rev. Jude Winkler, OFM Conv., S.S.L. They were committed to render as perfectly as possible a translation of literal or formal equivalence. Numerous translations were consulted and decisions were made by consensus according to accepted principles of contextual criticism. With a deep desire to be faithful to God's inspired Word, the translators used the best available Hebrew and Greek texts to achieve a dignified and accurate version of the sacred text in language that is clear and meaningful to today's readers. The NCB translation, with a 7th grade reading level, is both highly readable and accurate. It can be enjoyed by all audiences. With extensive explanatory notes that reflect the most current consensus of Catholic scholarship, the New Catholic Bible is a translation that can be trusted to provide the reader with a prayerful and fulfilling Bible experience suitable for private devotion and study.


Two columns of very large 14-point type on thin white Bible paper with book introductions, textual notes and footnotes. The notes and footnotes appear at the end of each book. Includes: Constitution on Divine Revelation, and a Bible dictionary. Also includes presentation page, 8-page family record in center, and a series of self-explaining maps, time charts, photographs and illustrations showing key events and areas in the Bible. They are grouped in such a way that the reader is kept abreast of the history of salvation without needlessly turning to some other part of the book. In addition, extensive historical and biblical background material is provided in "Learning about Your Bible: and "Doctrinal Bible Index." Imitation leather, gold page edging. 6.5 x 9.5 x 1.75. Imprimatur.

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