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Encountering Jesus Series

Jesus Christ: His Mission and Ministry 2nd Ed., ebook (1 year access)
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Encountering Jesus Series


Developed for Curriculum Framework Course 2: Who Is Jesus Christ?

Ebook. Who Is Jesus Christ? Deeply considering that question and its answer are at the core of this text, now in its second edition. Objectives include sharing what Christ reveals about God, uncovering the mystery of the Incarnation, and exploring how growing in discipleship with Jesus helps students live better lives. The second edition includes these new features:
contemporary news openers that connect with the chapter material
note-taking prompts that help students highlight, outline, and remember
infographics and photo essays that incorporate key concepts and will resonate with today's digitally-connected teens.
Also includes popular features from the first edition. Three chapter assignment options geared toward specific learning styles; focus questions and chapter summaries; vocabulary terms in bold and defined in the margin; profiles of saints; prayer; and more. Ebook, 360 pages. (©2017)


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