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Why Believe?

Why Believe? Volume 2

Answers to Life's Questions



Author: Adams, Blum, Gray, McInerny, and others

Publisher: Augustine Institute

ISBN: 978-1-73272-083-1

Item Number: AUGS-720831

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Why Believe?


A New Curriculum for the New Evangelization. A year-long apologetics course intended for use in the senior year of Catholic high schools. A defense of the faith that responds to questions that believers and non-believers alike are asking today with the philosophical and theological arguments rooted in Sacred Scripture, Catholic Tradition, and the best philosophical reflection available. Curriculum consists of a two-volume textbook set, 60 short-form videos produced by Augustine Institute Studios (sold separately), and a teacher manual. Textbooks and videos include significant works of art, literature, and Sacred Scripture. Format appeals to the contemporary desire for beauty. Softcover, 259 pages. (©2018)


Volume 2: Will believing what the Church teaches make me happy?


Chapter 1: The essential personal drama of each human life is an interior one, at the level of the conscience. In response to our sins, God offers his mercy.

Chapter 2: The contemporary moral landscape is characterized by relativism and individualism that are logically defective and incapable of providing happiness.

Chapters 3-6: Each person is a unique unity of body and soul, each of which make an essential contribution to our character and happiness. From this perspective, we are able to understand the proper relationship of emotions and reason, the rightful and good purpose of human sexuality, and the essential and beneficial role of the family in human life.

Chapters 7-9: The paradox of human life is that even when we know what will make us happy, we sometimes fail to choose according to that knowledge. The defects in our character, stemming from Original Sin, can be healed by the grace offered by the sacraments and by our efforts to live according to that grace and under the direction of God's law. The resulting good changes to our characters are the virtues that enable us to live happy lives.

Chapters 10-14: The essential cause of human happiness is love: love of God and neighbor. We live that love most effectively in the Church, with the help of the sacraments, prayer, Scripture and the example of the saints. The love we experience by giving and receiving enables us to bear the suffering that results from sin and to live in the hopeful expectation of life after death.

Chapter 15: The happy life is founded on a mature commitment to Jesus Christ.


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