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Why Believe?: Why Believe?  Volume 1
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Why Believe?

Why Believe? Volume 1

Answers to Life's Questions



Author: Augros, Barber, Blum, and McInerny

Publisher: Augustine Institute

ISBN: 978-1-73211-468-5

Item Number: AUGS-114685

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Why Believe?


A New Curriculum for the New Evangelization. A year-long apologetics course intended for use in the senior year of Catholic high schools. A defense of the faith that responds to questions that believers and non-believers alike are asking today with the philosophical and theological arguments rooted in Sacred Scripture, Catholic Tradition, and the best philosophical reflection available. Curriculum consists of a two-volume textbook set, 60 short-form videos produced by Augustine Institute Studios (sold separately), and a teacher manual. Textbooks and videos include significant works of art, literature, and Sacred Scripture. Format appeals to the contemporary desire for beauty. Softcover, 283 pages.  (©2018)


Volume One: Why should I believe what the Church teaches?

Chapters 1-3: Each human life is a search for happiness that requires both friendship and truth to be successful.

Chapters 4-6: Sustained reflection upon our common experience of the world enables us to vindicate that we can arrive at philosophical truths that are independent of the claims of modern experimental science, among which are the immortality of the soul and the existence of God.

Chapter 7: The stance of the relativist is self-defeating.

Chapter 8: The claims of materialist and reductionist versions of evolutionary theory are unconvincing.

Chapter 9-14: Biblical testimony to God and Jesus Christ are convincing.

Chapter 15: Our weekly recitation of the Nicene Creed is a fitting act, both morally and intellectually.

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