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A song for you, from your friends at Comcenter

We found Pope Francis’s Greeting to Catechists (full text in printable form) so encouraging that we thought it deserved a song.

Thank you for all your hard work.

We hope you enjoy “Send Us, Jesus.”  Please feel free to share!
Download the song as MP3 and print the lyrics & sheet music!

Fellow DREs are sharing “Send Us, Jesus” at their catechist meetings:

"Thank you for “Send Us, Jesus”. We used it as the closing prayer at our catechist meeting and many were singing along by the end. Thank you for the inspiration."

"As a new DRE this brought me joy as I prepared for the new catechetical year. It was beautifully done and I will share it with my catechists at our first meeting."

"WOW! Thanks for brightening my day and making me smile. I have to play this for my catechists at our upcoming meeting."

We'd love your feedback.

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