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NABRE, Fireside Catholic Youth Bible - NEXT — Fireside Catholic Publishing

This Bible was written for Catholic Teens to enable them to grow emotionally and spiritually in their Catholic faith and become effective Disciples of Christ. Twenty-one critical topics are addressed through seven comprehensive sections: Your Decision/Your Reward; What Does the Bible Say About?; Roots of Our Faith; Saints Relate; 1-on-1 with Christ; What Jesus Did; What Jesus Said; and Putting My Faith Into Action.

Topics are: Acceptance; Anger; Choices; Courage; Culture; Discouragement; Faith; Guilt; Intolerance; Love; Money; Peer Pressure; Prayer; Relationships; Respect; Responsibility; Service; Sex; Temptation; Winning and Losing; Worship; Terms of the Mass; Basic Prayers and Practices of our Catholic faith. The Bible features 168 color pages of thought-provoking articles that provide real-life ways for teens to live out their faith as disciples of Christ. Includes basic prayers and practices, terms of the Mass, list of daily and Sunday readings, and a 20-page article on the Origin, Inspiration and History of the Bible, Constitution on Divine Revelation and presentation page.

4 program components.

NABRE, Fireside Catholic Youth Bible-NEXT, softcover

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NABRE, Fireside Catholic Youth Bible-NEXT, hardcover

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Fireside Catholic Youth Bible NEXT, Leader Guide

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FCYB Music CDs

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