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Blest Are We Faith in Action, K-8

Kindergarten Teacher Manual

For Schools


Publisher: RCL Benziger

ISBN: 978-1-5249-4835-1

Item Number: RCLB-444835

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Blest Are We Faith in Action, K-8, School
Blest Are We, Faith in Action, Kindergarten, School


Helps teachers engage children with comprehensive and easy-to-use three-step lesson plans: Engage uses a variety of techniques to motivate children by building on their own experiences and activating prior knowledge. Explore focuses on the main faith concepts and includes Bible stories, dramatizations, finger plays, discussions, role-playing, pantomiming, sign language, creative movement, cutout activities and hands-on activities. Respond provides opportunities for children to celebrate their learning in a variety of ways: litanies, spontaneous prayer, traditional prayer, processions, song, sharing of food, and more. Every chapter includes lesson plans for five days. The last lesson is a prayer celebration. Every chapter also includes a variety of alternative activities, teaching tips, sing-along songs, and more. Spiral-bound hardcover, 8.5 x 11, 262 pages. (©2019)

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