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Chime Travelers

The Whisper in the Ruins

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Author: Lisa Hendey

Publisher: Franciscan Media

ISBN: 978-1-63253-036-3

Item Number: FRAN-T53036

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Chime Travelers


Chime Travelers #3, chapter books for children in grades 2-5. Patrick and his twin sister, Katie, are shocked when they learn that someone threw a brick through the St. Francis of Assisi stained glass window at St. Anne's. What would make someone angry enough to damage the beautiful old window? and how will the church ever be able to repair it? The twins want to investigate, but before Patrick can learn anything, he's swept into another adventure--in the year 1205! Patrick's second Chime Travel journey takes him to Assisi, where he meets a brave young man who wants to leave his family's wealth behind so he can answer God's call. Young Francis invites Patrick to help him repair an old church, but Francis's father is furious with his son's decision and will do almost anything to top him. Can Francis and Patrick follow God's command to rebuild the church? And will Patrick's time in Assisi help him solve the mystery of the broken window at St. Anne's? Perfect for classroom libraries or to be read aloud. Includes discussion questions. Paperback, 5.5 x 7.5, 128 pages. (©2016)

Makes a great Christmas gift for Catholic children.

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