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Matthew 2019



Author: Jeff Cavins

Publisher: Ascension

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Matthew 2019


Twenty-four videos provide an in-depth explanation of the Gospel of Matthew.

1. Introduction

2. Jesus: The Son of David, the Son of Abraham

3. The King in Exile

4. John: The Forerunner to the King

5. The Tempting of the King

6. The Bar Is Raised by the King

7. Personal Piety

8. Choices in the Kingdom

9. The King's Power Demonstrated

10. New Wine, New Wineskins

11. Jesus Commissions the Twelve

12. Jesus Confronts an Evil Generation

13. Parables of the Kingdom

14. Instructions to the Twelve

15. Jesus Establishes the Church

16. The Transfiguration

17. Characteristics of the Christian Community

18. Marriage: A Demonstration of God's Love

19. Stepping Down into Greatness

20. "Let's Get Real"

21. Jesus Predicts the End of an Era

22. The Trial of the Christ

23. The Passion of the King

24. The Triumph of the King

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