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Year of Grace

Year of Grace 2021, large paper

26 x 26


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Publisher: Liturgy Training Publications

ISBN: 978-1-61671-555-7

Item Number: LTTR-715557


Estimated ship date: August 18, 2020

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Year of Grace


Poster Size, 26 x 26, paper. A circular liturgical calendar that begins with the first Sunday of Advent 2020 and is color-coded to season and feast. The Year of Grace 2021 follows the Sunday Year B cycle, beginning the First Sunday of Advent 2020 and ending in November 2021. Included in each version of the calendar is information about the liturgical year, a guide to using the calendar, and information about the art and the artist. 2021 presents the intense and lively art of Laura James, illustrating five Scripture passages that offer inspiration and insight about the mystery of death and our Christian hope for eternal life: Revelation 4, Psalm 23, Isaiah 25, and John 4.  (©2020)

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