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Catechism of the Catholic Church



Author: Benedict XVI

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor

ISBN: 978-1-57455-720-6

Item Number: OSVP-X317

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A synopsis of the essential contents of the faith as promulgated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Compendium was written in response to a request at the 2002 International Catechetical Congress for a more concise, accessible, dialogic version of the Catechism with the same essential contents. The question and answer format makes the Compendium accessible to a broad audience. By abbreviating the text and reducing it to the essentials, Pope Benedict XVI hopes it will "favor the assimilation and possible memorization of the contents." Direct quotes from the Catechism are used in sidebar fashion to the questions and answers. The Compendium promises to be a useful resource for parents, teachers, pastors and catechists. Catechetical leaders in high schools and parishes will appreciate its usefulness as a reference, discussion starter or resource for RCIA programs and theology classes. Fourteen images taken from masterpieces of Christian art introduce the sections. Latin prayers are also included. Softcover, 6 X 9, 200 pages. (©2005)

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