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The Healing Presence of God: Transformed by Love

The Healing Presence of God

Transformed by Love

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Author: Sr. Marry Anne Schaenzer

Publisher: Chariscenter USA


Item Number: NSCC-HPG

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A collection of articles concerned with various aspects of our being healed and transformed by the healing presence and love of God. These articles were originally published in Pentecost Today. Questions have been added to assist with personal reflection and discussion. Encourages the reader to be open to the various ways in which God will heal, directly or through the intercession of another. God may heal us in our spirit, our emotions, or in our physical body. At times healing happens more by a passive openness to God and at other times it may involve a decision to make changes and cooperate with God's grace. In Scripture we read examples of times when there is great intercession by the person or friends and other instances in which Jesus is moved with compassion and acts. In the articles we notice that love is integral to healing. (©2011)

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