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San Jóse de Libros en Láminas: La Misa para los Niños
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San Jóse de Libros en Láminas

La Misa para los Niños

The Mass for Children

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Author: Fr. Jude Winkler


Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-89942-474-3

Item Number: CATH-474S

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San Jóse de Libros en Láminas


The Mass for Children, Spanish. Ages 7-10. St. Joseph Picture Books are small, 32-page paperback booklets with large print and cheerful colorful illustrations, suitable for children in grades 1-4. This particular title gives the text of the Mass with all the responses children need to know in large print. Paper, 5.5 x 7.5, 32 pages.

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