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The Old Testament, ebook (1 Year Access)
Student Text

Our Call to Faith and Justice



Publisher: Ave Maria Press

UPC: 9781594715402ET

Item Number: AVEP-715402ET

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Ebook (1 Year Access). Geared toward an introductory class in Scripture. Covers the journey of God's People and their journey in Scripture. The divine-human relationship described in the Old Testament has episodes of jealousy and angry disappointment, but also shows moments of moving love, compassion and forgiveness. The Jewish people forged a relationship with God that was brought to its fullness in the coming of the Son of God. This text includes a Catholic Handbook for Faith. New features of the revised edition: section overviews; section quick view bullet points; New Testament connections; vocabulary review and performance assessment projects. Ebook, 305 pages. Approved by the Bishops' Committee. (©2013)


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