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Ave Maria Press Framework Series

Marriage and Holy Orders, ebook (1 Year Access)
Student Text

Your Call to Love and Serve



Publisher: Ave Maria Press

UPC: 9781594713903ET

Item Number: AVEP-713903ET

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Ave Maria Press Framework Series


Written in accordance with the Bishops' Curriculum Framework and following Elective Option D: Responding to the Call of Jesus.

Ebook (1 Year Access). Vocations text that focuses solely on vocations expressed in the two sacraments at the service of communion: marriage and priesthood. Four units place the discussion of marriage and priesthood in the context of the experiences and goals of high school students soon to graduate. Unit One: God Is Calling You; Unit Two: Called to Holiness Through Marriage; Unit Three: Called to Service Through Holy Orders; Unit Four: Answer God's Call. Ebook, 352 pages. Approved by the Bishops' Committee. (©2007)


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