T3: The Teen Timeline, High School - Ascension Press

T3: The Teen Timeline, High School - Ascension Press
A teen Bible study based on the Great Adventure Bible Timeline Series. Can be used in any Catholic high school, youth group or religious education setting. Can be taught in a one-day seminar or stretched out over eight or sixteen lessons. Lessons are presented on DVD or audio CD (sold separately) followed by group discussion, activities and individual study. Topics include:
An Introduction to the Bible
The Early World
The Patriarchs
Egypt and the Exodus, Joshua and Judges
The Kingdom of God: United and Divided
The Exile, the Return and the Revolt
Jesus and the Gospels: the Messianic Fulfillment
The Early Church and the Church Today

Components include a Bible Study Kit with workbook, timeline chart, bookmark and fill-in chart, Wraparound Leader Guide, and a set of lessons on DVD or audio CD. (©2006)

After completing the Teen Timeline course, groups can continue Scripture study with an 8-part study T3 Matthew: Thy Kingdom Come, a four-part study T3 Acts: The Keys and the Sword, and a four-part study T3 Revelation: The Lion and the Lamb.